Where to Start?!

We arrived safely to Colombia on Monday October 4th at about 1:30pm. After only one week, I already have hundreds of things I could say, however, I have heard it spoken that pictures are worth 1,000 words, so today we are going to start with some pictures of this past week in Colombia, enjoy!

Shown in the pictures:

  • Homeless service where we lead worship in Spanish and gave two testimonies and an alter call for the gospel. 15 men came up to give their lives to the Lord and receive prayer!

  • Speaking at the lectures at CPN for 2 days. Jimmy and I were the guest speakers this week for the students at CPN. We spoke of our testimonies with Jesus and of course, taught about the intimate presence of God. We ended our time with an exercise to show the students that everyone can hear from the Holy Spirit. It was absolutely beautiful to see the students faces when they realized they had been used of the Lord to speak into their fellow students lives. There were many testimonies that day of confirmations from the Holy Spirit.

  • Devotional & worship nights with CPN students. Each night the students gather for devotionals, and this night, they invited us to start joining them for. This was our first time and it was powerful, they asked us to lead worship and we were able to worship with them in "Spanglish", haha! The students here are SO hungry for the Lord.

  • Street ministry, as we're walking around, we try to ask the Lord who He would like us to speak to. It is wonderful exercise of boldness and reliance on the Holy Spirit!

Not shown in the pictures:

  • We Met with ministries that we will be working with called "PARE" (stop), "911" and "Ciudad Refugio" (city of refuge) who all three work to help and minister to prostitutes, homeless, addicts, transsexuals, children and youth that all live on the street. Between the three different ministries, they offer them food, the gospel, discipleship, places to sleep, rehabilitation centers, tutoring, work force training, and much more. It has been an honor to meet with these ministries and we are excited to work more with them in the coming weeks.

  • Met with the worship leader here and began to speak and dream with him. We then went to lunch and heard about his daughter, her name is Alayna and she was born with obstructions in her nasal cavity. She fights to breath every moment of the day only recieving about 85% oxogen at any given time. She now has tubes in her nose, and is needing another surgery desperately. We believe in a God who heals so we asked if we could lay hands on her and he happily agreed and we traveled about an hour away to his home to connect with and pray over his whole family. After the prayer and worship at his home, the Lord removed one obstruction in her nose tube that was making it nearly impossible for her to breath that day, she was able to sleep longer than normal and seemed to be getting better. We are still believing for full healing, but as I was processing a friend said "for someone who cannot breath well, breathing better is a big miracle", and the Lord used those words to assure me, He is moving, we did our part and He will do His.

  • We also ministered at a place called the “Bronks”. This is a few streets where everyone in the city comes for only two things: 1) To sell/buy/use drugs and 2) To get drunk. This was by far one of the most dark and devastated places we have all seen in the physical or spiritual. I don't know if I can even go into detail, we will be going every week on Wednesday nights to give food and share the gospel and invite the people we see to come to a rehabilitation and homeless shelter to get back on their feet. Although, this was the darkest place we have all been to, one of my prayers before I left Dallas was: "God, if I'm really light, please send me to a dark place." Light shines the brightest where the dark is the darkest. And the light did shine. Where there is devistaion, there is hope. His name is Jesus and He is the light of the world. His life is the light of man and His light shines into darkness and the darkness cannot overcome or comprehend it.


Before leaving for Colombia, I became very nervous, feeling as though I had no skills or in depth knowledge in which I could offer. However, once we came here I was amazed at the Lord, not at myself, because for the past 4 years while we have worked and studied at CFNI, He has placed in us experiences, a heart and a knowledge of worship that we had no idea would be a top desire of each ministry we work with. One of our missions will be to learn how to train up and partner with worship and prayer moments all over the city. Potentially teaching guitar and piano, as well as sharing of the presence of the Lord and how to move with Him. Though we have much more to learn, my eyes teared up after a few days of being here because I already see the Lord using so many of the tools He spent the last 4 years cultivating in Jimmy and I through our time at CFNI in Dallas. All the tears, the wrestles, the experiences, nothing goes to waste with Him, and I am honored to be His daughter and servant.

Thank you so much for being with us on this journey. We're overwhelmed by God's goodnesses already.


Please be praying for us as we continue on this trip, we have already seen much spiritual warfare and we know there is power in the prayers of His people. Here are some points below if you would like to join us in prayer:

  • Unity within our team.

  • Physical strength and mental clarity - our health as a team.

  • That we would see the supernatural manifestation of all that is in the Bible. (healing, salvation, miracles, etc)

  • Clear ears and eyes to hear and see the Lord as we walk through each day and schedule each week.

  • Encounters with the Lord for the students and our team.

Much Love to you all from Jimmy and Naomi Cantwell

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